Custom Moving Solutions

Custom Moving Solutions

Custom Moving with Tri-Cities Mobile Storage

Whether you’re moving across the county or the state, long-distance moves have their own unique set of challenges. Most people that are moving to a new city are uprooting and starting from scratch, leaving their support system behind and taking on a new set of challenges. Moving your stuff is just one more worry in an already stressful situation.

Ideally, you’ve already decided where you want to live in your new city and have a permanent home waiting for you to move in. But in reality, long-distance moves are seldom that simple. Timing the move of your belongings between your old and new home can be extremely difficult, especially when you are buying and selling homes. It’s not uncommon to have to rent temporarily or even to have to live in a hotel for a week or more before or after you relocate.

Tri-Cities Mobile Storage offers the flexibility so that you are in control of the timing of your move, and you always know exactly where your stuff is. At Tri-Cities Mobile Storage, our goal is to make your move as low-stress as possible by providing you with a mobile storage container solution.

Mobile Containers Are Cost-effective and Simple

Using Tri-Cities Mobile Storage containers for your move is cost-effective and our pricing is simple to understand. Additionally, you are in control of the timing of your move. We will drop off your storage containers at your home when you want (evenings and weekends too!), and you can take as much time as you need to load them.

If you need help or are too busy to pack yourself, we can refer you to courteous, efficient packers that can help you get the most out of your storage containers. When you’re finished packing, we pick up the containers. We can either transport them to your new location immediately or store them securely and intact until you are ready. And if you use multiple containers, you can even deliver some and store others, depending on your situation.

Upon delivery, we will leave the containers for you and pick them up when you are finished – no rush! And again, if you need help unpacking, we can refer you to local professionals at your destination.

More Flexible Moving Options

Complex move? No problem with Tri-Cities Mobile Storage! By using one or more mobile containers in your move, you are in control of when your stuff is picked up, how long it is stored, and when it is delivered. You can even have some things delivered now and some things left in storage. It’s entirely up to you!

High Security

One of the common concerns with long-distance moves is the security and integrity of your belongings. Your storage container contains only your stuff, so things don’t get lost in the move.

We Do All the Driving!

This is where Tri-Cities Mobile Storage really shines! You drive your car, and we will haul your containers.

The Choice Is Clear

With all of the advantages of moving with storage containers, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing our moving and storage option. We are here to help! Contact Tri-Cities Mobile Storage and schedule your long-distance move today!

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