Mobile Storage vs Self Storage

Mobile Storage vs Self Storage

Tri-Cities Mobile Storage Vs. Self Storage

Why deal with the hassle of self-storage and mini storage services? Tri-Cities Mobile Storage containers are a more convenient and flexible solution.

Problems with Self Storage

Self-storage and mini-storage services are an excellent way to provide you with an extra room when you need it. But this type of storage has various limitations:

  • You have to bring your stuff to the storage location. This means you’ll be making multiple trips with your vehicle or even have to spend more time and money to rent a moving truck. And if you need to move, you’ll have to unpack the unit, load it on a truck and then unload it at a new storage facility or at your new home or business.
  • The security of self-storage facilities can vary widely. While self-storage facilities typically have some sort of security, such as a gated front entry, larger storage units are externally exposed and protected with a lock that you provide.
  • The quality and features of self-storage spaces vary. If you’ve used self-storage before, you know that the quality of the storage spaces can vary widely. And if you’re storing in a location that has cold or hot weather, you’ll want to make sure your unit is climate-controlled for humidity and temperature. That usually costs extra.

The Solution: Tri-Cities Mobile Storage Containers

Tri-Cities Mobile Storage containers offer a more flexible solution compared to self-storage units. We drop off and pick up. With Tri-Cities Mobile Storage, you simply call or message us and reserve a storage container. We will deliver the container to you at the specified time and location. Once you’re done filling the container, call or text us and we’ll come pick up the unit and then store it inside our secure facility. We do all the driving!

  • You still have access. Even though your storage container is housed inside our secure location, you can access it at any time. Just give us a call and we’ll have the unit accessible to you.
  • Flexible storage for moving. If you are temporarily storing items that you’ll need to move to another location, like a new house or business, this is a superior solution! Just let us know where and when you need your container delivered, and we will bring it to you. Then you can take your time to unload it and we will retrieve the container when you are finished.
  • Security. Any storage expert will tell you that one of the keys (no pun intended) to security is minimum access points. With Tri-Cities Mobile Storage, all of our containers are stored inside a protected, secure building then locked with your lock. No one has access to the containers except our employees. If you need access to your container, give us a call, and we’ll have it accessible to you by the time you arrive.
  • Simple and straightforward pricing. With Tri-Cities Mobile Storage, we have a simple, up-front weekly and monthly pricing, and there’s no penalty if you need more time to load or unload the container at your location.
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