Local Moving

Local Moving

Local Moving with Tri-Cities Mobile Storage

Local moving might not be as complicated as a cross-country move, but it can still be just as stressful. With Tri-Cities Mobile Storage, we provide a flexible solution that is perfect for local moves.

But first, let’s look at the traditional options for local moving:

Do-It-Yourself Local Moving

If you plan to rent a moving truck for a local move, you’ll pay for every day you use the truck, plus mileage. Even with a local move, mileage can quickly add up, especially if you have to make multiple trips. And of course, you’ll have to drive the rental truck and hassle with liability insurance.

Local Moves Are Rarely Streamlined

Realistically, local moves are not typically just one process of packing, moving, and unpacking. If you’re like most people, it might take a week or two. There may be a time gap between when your current home sale closes and when you get the keys to your new home. This type of move can be complicated, and traditional moving options just don’t fit the situation.

Tri-Cities Mobile Storage Containers: A More Flexible Option

With Tri-Cities Mobile Storage, we solve the problems that come with local moves by providing you with flexible mobile storage containers. When you’re ready to start packing, we’ll bring the container right to you. You can take as much time as you need to pack. If you need help with packing, we’ll be happy to refer you to a local packing team. Once you’re ready, we’ll come back, pick up the container and deliver it to your new location. Or, if you need extra time before finishing the move, we can temporarily hold the container in our secure storage facility and then deliver it when you are ready. On the receiving end, you can use the container as long as you need to finish unpacking. When your move is complete, we’ll remove the container.

Tri-Cities Mobile Storage containers make a lot of sense for a local move. Give us a call today and make your reservation!

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